Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Look Ma ... There Are No Columns In The Basement!

construction noise ... so please turn down speaker volume

This energy efficient house in southeastern Michigan has ICF (Insulating Concrete Form) walls and open web steel joists for the floor system ... and a totally open column free basement and there will be no drops in the ceiling for HVAC ducts running under the beams because we used open web joist girders instead of conventional solid web beams ... WOW!

The owners of this dream home have the freedom to arrange the basement in anyway they like, recreation room with pool table, or for that matter pool tables, a home theater, a music room ... oh ya wherever their interests lie. For one home owner we had designed an in-door basketball court in their basement ... now that is one large and of course tall basement -- well if you are wondering how can we do that? Well, you see we have a great team of achitects, builders, engineers, and professional trades people working in harmony as a team that do not take no for an answer ... ask them to design and build some thing, and guess what they will.

Energy efficient house, customized design, healthy, comfortable, beautiful long lasting does not have to cost much more than conventional construction because we work at the fundamental level and we shave off all the waste in material and labor so we can give our client their energy efficient, custom designed house that is healthy, comfortable, strong, long lasting, and ... at a very reasonable cost.

Well enough of my talking about the features of our energy efficient buildings, let me have the following pictures do the talking

construction noise ... so please turn down speaker volume

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